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Fitness exercices to do in a hot tub

It is not always easy to leave the house to do some sport: children, housework, work from home ... So many cases where it is essential to give yourself a few minutes to exercise. And why not water aerobics? Follow the guide ! Then opt for a hot tub for sale to practice this sport.

The benefits of sport in jacuzzi

Overflowing between home, children and work, difficult to give yourself a little time for yourself dedicated to sport and well-being. And if you have not been physically active for a long time, it's hard to put the machine back on the road! Fitness is the ideal sport for you to get used to playing sports. Thanks to movements in the water, the body is lighter and less likely to suffer from body aches. The risk of injury is less than in the practice of another sport. With the pressure that the water exerts on the muscles, the exercises are more profitable, while taking advantage of the massing effect of the water on the epidermis to revive the blood circulation.

Small fitness instruction

For the upper body, arms and abs can work in your bathtub. Make a concrete abs using only the edge of the bath and your stomach: put the forearms on both sides of the bath. In support, raise your legs straight out of the water while contracting your abdominals. Lower your legs gently and repeat the exercise a dozen times to be effective. To firm your arms (biceps and triceps), sit in your bathtub while laying your hands on the edges. Use the strength of your arms to take off the buttocks from the bottom of the tub. Hold the position for three seconds then slowly lower.

So to optimize your health, play sports or fitness in your jacuzzi, because it positively influences your physical and moral state.

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