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Home exercices to stay fit

"The world belongs to those who get up early," this saying is true, because we do not need to attend the gym to get in shape. fitness machines can move well at home, and the spa.

How long to maintain your body?

You do not need to develop a sports timing, but just 20 minutes a day and you'll be in shape during the day. The rest will be a good habit to develop for a healthy living. It is important to agree that the exercises shown here are useless if you do not regularize your diet.

Start with a jog

Again, you do not need to go far in the Park, but go around the garden, or adopt movements back and forth on the stairs. But you can also search from the morning breakfast walk. This will jog for 5 minutes, just to stretch their legs and for blood to circulate well.

Go to work on foot

If your workplace is not far away, do it on foot and left your car at home. The goal is to have these 40-minute walk every day.

Take a hot bath

You need 15 minutes to a hot bath in the home jacuzzi well equipped strengths to relax and lose calories simultaneously. The spa uses hot water that melts your fat.

Make the board

You do not even have to move for this exercise because it is enough to have good posture. Lie in the lower abdomen and climb around 30 cm to the ground. Position your elbows on the ground, and just go with your forearms, and then keep straight dowry, do not raise your buttocks, but he'll have to put on tiptoe. If you feel pain in your forearm is that you are in the correct position. Remain at this position for 5 minutes.

There is a diversity program that you should follow with a good attitude to finish until the end.

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