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The domestic spa also known as tubs jacuzzi allows you to benefit from all the effects and benefits of hot water at home as if you were in a balneotherapy institute. The word jacuzzi is a registered trademark that comes from its inventor Roy Jacuzzi, who installs a hydrotherapy pump in a common bathtub. The same goes for the fridge (refrigerator), the Sopalin or the karcher (high pressure cleaner). Indeed in the collective memory, these products become the official name of the product. So the spa or the jacuzzi refer to the same thing. Thus Roy Jacuzzi, out of necessity to relieve the health problems of a sick parent, adapts this hydrotherapy pump in a domestic bathtub. He files the patent and markets the first spas or jacuzzis in the 1960s. This bathtub, which is equipped with a hydraulic pump, is at the origin of the hydro massage system. Indeed, this basin is equipped with nozzles which allow a mixture of water and air to be sent. The effect of these nozzles causes eddies and thus provide a massage sensation to their user. In addition, this water is heated between 32 and 40 degrees, which accentuates the benefits of the spa. Since its very first marketing, the spa or jacuzzi has evolved considerably; it is true that now these basins exist in all sizes. You can find spas for two to nine people on the market. To allow a majority of people to access this pleasure, the designers have even imagined the inflatable spa which costs less than 500 euros. The latest innovations in this area are considerable, there is now the swim spa which combines the benefits of course of the spa as well as the advantage of the pool. We swim against the current. Finally, the latest addition is the overflow spa, and here is the extreme refinement!

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