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Stay relaxed during the cold weather with a jacuzzi tub

Many people enjoy the winter use of a hot tub or spa. This may be a relaxing experience, but you will need to take some steps to keep your hot tub or spa functioning properly so that you can enjoy it. Winter's biggest concern is the possibility of freezing water in the piping system. Most portable or self-contained jacuzzi are equipped with a system to prevent this. Many have "timer / thermostat" or "timer / no-freeze" on the main control panel.

Ultimate Relaxation

You are likely to benefit from spending some time in a hot tub during the colder months if you are prone to stress. As the warm water massages your body softly through the jets of the hot tub, stress and anxiety will melt away to make you feel refreshed. Beat the cold and concentrate on relaxing in a Clarity Spa to reduce the stress levels.

Improve your sleep

The warm waters of a hot tub can increase your body temperature to a comfortable level just like taking a late night bath. Cold temperatures can disrupt normal sleep cycles, requiring extra help to achieve adequate levels of sleep. Spend some time preparing for bed in a Twilight Series Spa to make sure you get a good night's sleep during the colder months

Promote Healthier Skin

Significantly dry out the skin during the winter. Spending time in a small hot tubs for sale, however, can directly affect your skin's quality and appearance. This is primarily due to the warmth of a hot tub improving your body's circulation, providing your skin with oxygen and nutrients. By spending time in a Michael Phelps Hot Tub, you invest in healthy, glowing skin.

Winter Workout

Too cold to make the gym walk and bundle up? A great alternative is hot tubbing! You can do a lot of hot tub workouts, so you don't even have to leave your home comfort. You can complete a full body workout without worry, from arm exercises to leg exercises. Only relax in the jacuzzi tubsafter you've finished relaxing your muscles!

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