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The explanations of balneotherapy

Balneotherapy is a thermal cure like thalassotherapy, however the water used is fresh water, unlike thalassotherapy which uses sea water, not all spas can be by the sea.

Balneotherapy treats the well-being of the body thanks to fresh water, for centuries these baths have been practiced by the Egyptians, the Romans, the Japanese and even in the Nordic countries. To begin with, the body is immersed in different baths, thereby increasing its temperature so that the blood vessels dilate, the blood pressure decreases and the blood supply to the skin and muscles increases. You must have already noticed that taking a hot bath when you have muscle tension relieves you, like applying hot water bags, relieves menstrual pain.

Some studies have been established on the therapeutic applications of balneotherapy, they have shown reductions in pain, for example for lower back pain, osteoarthritis, joint disorders, psoriasis, childbirth, varicose veins and heart failure. .

But most often balneotherapy is used for purposes of well-being. The water is heated to about 34 - 35 degrees to allow the pores of the skin to dilate and thus help the products added in the water to pass into the body.

What products are used in balneotherapy?

Essential oils, trace elements, seaweed or even natural essences depending on whether your treatment is for fitness, relaxation or a slimming or beauty treatment.

But what temperature of water is used?

To relax, the water will be hot. To firm up, the water will be cold. For a diet, the water will be hot then cold, stimulating blood circulation and helping the body to reshape. The jucuzzi tubs also offer many other treatments such as jets, steam baths, bubbling, hydromassages ... All these treatments combine their efforts to help us get rid of stress, pain in our body or even our overweight.

See the comparative table of essential oils

Now balneotherapy has become a fashion and that's good because the treatments have improved and so have the schedules. So now you can do a half-day cure and no longer as before for a minimum of 18 days. Obviously these sessions are not "medical" but rather aesthetic with a treatment with fresh water and a massage for maximum relaxation in the midst of an increasingly stressed world.

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