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Staying fit in 2020, here are the tips on how to do so

We all love the fun parts of owning a hot tubs sale relaxing, reading, testing out our theories about time travel. But alongside all the great times comes a touch of necessary upkeep. Staying on top of bathtub care like cleaning your spa, balancing the water chemistry, and making repairs means your bathtub is prepared for action once you are. Happily, there’s no law that says you've got to form bathtub maintenance any harder than it has to be. Tap into the wisdom of those tried and true tips, and you'll tackle your bathtub chores more efficiently. You would possibly save time, money, and frustration too. So, No matter what kind of hot tub chore is on your list, you can bet there’s a way to make it faster, more effective, less expensive, or all three!

Use Pantyhose for Cleaner Flows

Maintaining balanced chemistry during a body of water as small as your bathtub means you’ll be changing the water frequently. You’ll keep recirculate dirt and debris from stepping into your filter system by covering the lower return inlets with pantyhose once you change the water. Keeping that gunk out of your filter system reduces the strain on your spa’s system and helps keep it working longer. Cleaner water also means you’ll have a leg up on balancing water chemistry, too. Regardless of your goals and whatever your intention for 2020, getting away to help kick-start the process might be the way to go.

Keep your bathtub Cover Fresh with Bleach

One of the foremost overlooked areas of proper bathtub care to stay fit this 2020 is treating your bathtub cover right. Exposed as they're to constant heat and moisture, bathtub covers can develop a musty or mildew smell if they’re not cleaned properly. You can keep the funk away by employing a simple bleach solution to wash your bathtub cover. During a spray bottle, combine nine parts water to at least one part bleach, and use it to wash the underside of your bathtub cover every 90 days.

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